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What is Taaat?



Taaat is the first online & worldwide platform

 between emerging tattoo artists and tattoo lovers.


You can both submit your tattoo portfolio

 and/or skin brief (what tattoo do you want?

 which style, colors and budget? when? where?...).


Taaat will search for you the best tattoo artist(s)

 who fit(s) your description among its contemporary, expert, rad and very unique selection. It will then

connect you to the maker(s), so you can discuss

 your brief and book with your final choice.


You can save and share your daily inspirations,

 add other artists or lovers to you skin network,

post and rate your experience(s).


Thanks to the augmented reality technology

of the app, you can also "try" any tattoo you want.



Wanna get tattooed? Get taaat first!

Who is Taaat?



Despite the real "tattoomania" nowadays -getting a

tattoo became really common and there is an exponential increase among the millennials- there is no real tattoo community online. Especially for young artists trying to innovate and combine a real ancestral expertise with a contemporary and original vision.


Both as an illustrator and as a tattoo lover,

 Rachel van der Nacht felt very frustrated by the tattoo offer: often very expensive, oldfashioned or really hard to get an appointment with the artist you want,

with very few guarantees...


That's why she decided to create a transparent and innovative app allowing tattoo lovers and makers to connect and ink the future together. Taaat was born.


I have you on my skin.




And who can Taaat?


For everyone interested in tattoos:

tattoo makers, tattoo lovers and curious people.


For people who want to make this irreversible

 experience fun, transparent and inspiring.


For demanding people, who want a personalized and collaborative offer, with a real dialogue.


For millenials, who enjoy

contemporary and original creations.


Not for the people who love using their shoulders

 to show they love their mothers or who enjoy

having a dolphin on the belly.


For people who want to remember.

Tadaaa. Taaat.


How do we Taaat?



Taaat is both an online platform & an app.

You just need to download it to start scrolling

through the artist selection, save some names,

and send a brief. Then you wait for Taaat to do

 the job and make creative matchs.


Let's get taaated.

Why the Taaat?


We have a double mission:

.To provide the most customized, contemporary,

rad and unique tattoo service in the world.


.To highlight the new scene of tattoo makers in order

 to help them establish themselves as real artists and experts, inspire other people to dare modern and original creations. Fashion reinvents itself all the time,

so does tattoo!


We want people to really enjoy tattoos.

Not only as eternal drawings but as memorable,

 transparent and interactive experiences.


Your body, your fun!

Taaat values:



Customized - Inspiring - Fun - Contemporary - Worldwide




Closer to your skin, closer to your soul.


Enjoy tattoos.


Thank you!