Livy is a premium lingerie label founded by Lisa Chavy in 2017. Divided into three lifestyles (Paris, NYC & L.A), it is intended for modern women. As the Creative and Strategy manager, I created the brand platform, the storytelling and the media releases. I also art director the Instagram account @livystudio. I create bold and engaging content, schedule the posts strategically and connect with the audience.

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What I did/do:

  • Strategy & Storytelling

    Brand platform.

    Communication strategy.

     Claims and storytelling:

    - We love we create we women we LIVY.

    - Don't turn the page, scroll for new ones!

  • Social Media

    Instagram & Facebook Art Direction.

    Content creation & management.

    Posts scheduling.

  • Video editing

    Video editing,

    using photographies & videos of Dimitri Coste.

  • Copywriting

    Copywriting & product pitches.

    Communication with collaborators.

We love we create we women we LIVY.

We mix all styles and all times.

We believe in new forms of actions.

Lines are blurred and future is bright.

We don't turn the page. We scroll for new ones.

We belong to a new story.

We love we create we women we LIVY.

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